• Fully automated de-/palletizing

    3D position detection using laser measurement technology

„Bin picking“ is one of the systems with highest interest of the industry. This allows you to automate production processes, increase capacities and reduce costs.

AI-supported depalletizing of SLC crate types

Cycle acceleration through AI in the smart factory

The new solution addresses a known issue:
depalletizing with an unknown stacking scheme, regardless of position, size, type and color.

  • Fully automatic depalletizing of small load carriers (SLC)
  • Regardless of stacking scheme, size, type and color
  • Recognition of the containers, intermediate layers, possibly also foreign objects and interfering contours
  • Integration according to manufacturer/customer specifications and automotive quality standards
  • Reduction of cycle times, increase of throughput

Next generation depalletizing

utilizing AI support in the smart factory

The Task
Fully automated position detection and shortening of cycle times.

A solid application was launched through the interaction of intelligent sensors, big data, AI and a lot of experience.

The basis
the new VMT 3D vision system OSC 6D (OSC stands for Object Shape Capture). It can work reliably with very short cycle times even if the stacking schemes are unknown and constantly changing.

The flexible user software is characterized by intuitive handling and clear presentation. And all according to customer/manufacturer specifications.

Innovative solution from a single source

From planning to virtual commissioning to service

Polyplan and VMT have developed this application into an intelligent and fully automated de-/palletizing system.

Design und engineering
At the beginning, the focus was on an intensive design and engineering phase.
With software tools developed in-house, the company's image processing experts are able to virtually plan complete handling cells such as palletizing/depalletizing systems, entire system concepts or even special sensor arrangements based on CAD data and test them using simulation.

Good to know - flexible modifications and updates
This procedure enables subsequent extensions of existing systems and thus makes it possible to create and test test tasks offline before the real application is completed. This means that short-term or planned customer requests can be dealt with flexibly and quickly.


Flexibility when it matters

Planning is good, control is better - experience and flexibility are top class.
Thanks to 25 years of integration experience, we can also implement moderate adjustments up to the point of commissioning.

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