• PUR acoustic foam

    Innovative noise insulation for the passenger cell

Automated dosing of PUR foam by robot Permanently process-safe – regardless of the number and position of foaming points.

Versatile tasks

solved in more than 70 plants worldwide

Optimization of interior acoustics for vehicles and passenger compartments - flexible, cost-effective and process-reliable

  • One system for all vehicle types on the production line
  • Scalable with regard to shape and size of different body types and cavities
  • Foam density adjustable via material recipe for individual sound absorption behavior
  • Fully automated process with high repeatability and stability
  • online quality assurance functions can be integrated
  • turnkey integration into conveyor system, production control station and signaling systems
  • complete in-house pre-commissioning reduces project risks to a minimum
  • equipment design according to applicable CE and UL directives, others on request

Complete automatic acoustic foam system from Polyplan

System solution with filling station (BH-PUR), day tank station (MV-PUR), dosing station (HD-PUR), mixing head and camera-guided industrial robot.

The foam components polyol and isocyanate are stored and conditioned in a day tank. In the subsequent dosing station, they are conveyed under high pressure to the mixing head in a quantity-controlled process. .

The reactive mixture produced there is introduced into the cavities at defined foaming points to be approached by the robot.

Proven plant concept from Polyplan, based on the wealth of experience of more than 70 plants worldwide and continuously optimized. Polyplan's foaming technology achieves very high foam quality and repeatability.

The configuration of the complete acoustic foam plants is tailor-made to individual requirements. Each plant operates emission-free and is designed with regard to applicable safety standards. This means that neither additional exhaust systems nor special infrastructure measures are required at the installation site.

Polyplan's promise

turnkey integration into the production environment

Together with the customer, Polyplan develops the appropriate concept for the plant and integrates it into the production environment on a turnkey basis according to the customer's standards and requirements - including conveyor technology, control and IT integration or connection to fire alarm systems.

At Polyplan, every acoustic foam plant, including the robotics, is fully assembled and commissioned for the first time before delivery.

The pre-assembly is usually approved by the client on site or remotely. This eliminates project risks as far as possible and ensures the shortest possible set-up and recommissioning times at the final installation site.

Good to know

Polyplan also offers manual compact machines for acoustic foaming

This allows polyurethane material to be tested or the mixing, metering and application process to be checked or tested in advance of a system design.
The compact machines can be transported by sprinter: they can be used both in Polyplan's in-house technical center and at the user's site - and also enable production to be safeguarded at short notice in the event of conversion or maintenance work or deadline-critical orders and projects.

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