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Protoyping Small series Feasibility studies Research & Development

Robotics laboratory & process pilot plant

Polyplan has its own robotics laboratory and process pilot plant. This enables us to evaluate order strategies, check machine designs, determine suitable waxes and also carry out further tests in the laboratory at an early stage of a plant design.

DOP – Example robot simulation


  • Transfer of simulated process to real robot cell
  • Linearization of the robot
  • Easy to copy from one robot to another
  • Integration of „Shop-Floor-Tools“


  • Efficiency increase while commissioning period
  • Increase of application precision
  • Ability to copy derivative related Software
  • Process optimization while running production

Inhouse Robo-Lab

Polyplans lab is equipped with the dedicated equipment for robot driven applications.

This assures the performance of the ordered equipment already before delivery, due to identical system build.
With customers testing body’s, we can already safeguard the production by testing the desired production process in our lab up in front

This will also shorten the ramp up time on site and minimizes the process risks up in front.

The desired production materials like foam or wax of our customers can already be applied and tested in our lab.

This enables us to evaluate the necessary process parameters like amount of wax, the application pattern and cycle time before delivery of the system.
Leading into a fast and smooth commissioning on our customer’s site.

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