Battery Dieter Siegmund 19.09.2023

Rust prevention using robots: sustainably protect battery packs from corrosion

Corrosion prevention for battery packs
Turnkey, robot-controlled systems from Polyplan for cavity sealing of vehicle doors and flaps have already proven themselves in more than 20 systems in the global automotive industry thanks to their process efficiency and sustainability. The company has now adapted the technology for corrosion prevention in battery cell production.

The configuration of the system solution - from industrial robots to wax dosing to measurement and safety technology - is tailored to the individual requirements of battery pack production and the customer.
Applications for battery cell production
  • Cavity preservation of the coolant connections via Airless- or Air-mix application
  • Measurement of the bottom of the batterie housing via VMT vision system
  • Application: Gap-filler via high pressure-polyurethane-technology
  • Application: Potting via high pressure polyurethane-technology
  • Application: Cover and Screwcaps-sealing via low pressure-polyurethane-technology
Adjustment of the wax technology for battery cells
  • Joints between the coolant connections and the battery housing are positions with a high risk of being affected by corrosion
  • The wax will be exact applied on the dedicated positions
  • A robot moves the application head from one coolant connection to the other
  • Application time for one coolant connection: approx. 1,5s
  • Moving time of the robot from one connection to the other: approx. 1,5s
  • Target cycle time for 20 coolant connections: <105s
Good to know
Technology protection

In the in-house robot laboratory and process technology centre, Polyplan can determine suitable waxes, evaluate application strategies, check machine designs and also carry out additional tests in the laboratory at an early stage in the design of a cavity sealing system.

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